Judge Edmund Cruz


Height: 1.92 m
Weight: 81 kg
Age: 30

Breastplate – Black, Red
Steel Shield – Black, Red, Gold – Animated – Large Judge Emblem
Bastard Sword – Large


Species: Human
Occupation: Dockyard Foreman for Lord REDACTED
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death: Fatal accident during Dockworkers anti-undead uprising on Dockyard 3A
Noted: Accident likely arranged by dock workers behind uprising

Species: Human
Occupation: None
Status: Reanimated – Sold by Husband
Cause of Death: Childbirth
History Prior to Acquisition:
Born oldest of 4 siblings, only one to survive past age 5.
After orphaning at age 13, records show a continued presence around the dockyards and participation in minor crimes, gang related violence, and illegal combat arenas.
Subject came to the attention of the Judge Initiative after turning evidence on an illegal Merfolk Farm. Volunteered to accompany arresting force to location and showed exemplary skill when a physical altercation with the criminals and their guards arose.

Friends and Acquaintances:
Adrian Lucera – Barman(Amber Light)
Childhood friend and confidant, only non-Judge individual aware of subjects origins.

Judge Edmund Cruz

Judged Eldridge