Judge Ezekiel Kane


Name: Ezekiel Kane
Age: 32
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 190lbs

Uniform: Black Duster and Slouch hat. Both have been tailored to fit over his chain shirt and helm.
Weapon: Heavy Repeating Crossbow
Quirks: habitual smoker of hand rolled cigarettes


As the middle child of a city guard and a baker, Ezekiel was born into the middle class. His parents Burghelm and Joyce owned a popular bakery called “A Bun in the Oven,”which eventually became so popular that the couple adopted three orphaned half-breeds in order to help with the day to day operations. For the most part Ezekiel was never close to his family, nor were they close to him. Rather than helping out in the family shop, Ezekiel would inevitably wander off and get into trouble. The only member of the family who seemed to have any connection to the boy was his grandfather Solomon Kane (noted witch hunter, and co-founder of the Judge program). Eventually, wanting nothing more to do with their troublesome child, the parents turned the wayward youth and his education wholly over to his grandfather.

Solomon Kane was a stern taskmaster and devout man of faith. He became a mentor to Ezekiel and schooled him in the various skills, disciplines, secrets that would aid him later as a hunter of monsters. It was during this time that Ezekiel ’s older sister Annette murdered – torn to pieces in the family bakery as she worked late one night. Solomon and Ezekiel tracked the culprit – a were-beast of immense size and strength. In the ensuing battle, Solomon able to wound and drive off the beast, but was gravely injured in the process. As his grandfather lay dying in the sewers, Ezekiel made an oath to himself to hunt down and destroy all those monsters that walk among and feed upon the lives of the innocent.

Ezekiel never returned to his family’s home. However he did check back once a year later. He found that the bloody death of his sister in the main store had caused a downturn in the bakery’s business. His father had been unable to cope, and had walked out on the family. His mother and the remaining children had been forced to leave their home, and move into a squalid little apartment by the docks. Ezekiel never made contact with his family, but instead turned his back to begin his own mission – ridding the city of monsters.

Over the next couple of years, Ezekiel honed his skills and led a solitary existence. He moved from safe house to safe house, always keeping his activities hidden from the city guard, and more importantly from the monsters he hunted. During this time in his life, Ezekiel met (through chance encounter during a hunt) a woodsman by the name of McGreggor. McGreggor lived and hunted outside the city, and would bring in pelts and game to sell. The two men became friends, and Ezekiel even left the city several times to visit (and to learn the skills of survival and tracking outside of the city walls). It was through his association with McGreggor that Ezekiel learned to appreciate the value of a hunting partner, and that the “lone wolf” wasn’t the only way to track his prey.

It wasn’t long after his 29th birthday when Ezekiel was approached by an old friend of his grandfather Lord Piers Gosvintha who recruited him into the Judge program.

Grandfather Solomon Kane (deceased)
Father Burghelm Estel (city guard)
Mother Joyce Kane (baker)
Older sister Annette (deceased)
Younger brother Arryn
Adopted younger sister; half-elf Nelebrie
Adopted younger sister; half-orc Sunthela
Adopted younger sister; half-orc Henanda

Known Associates and Contacts:
Bower McGreggor – Hunter & Trapper

Judge Ezekiel Kane

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