Lorsen Ternath


Height: 1.98m
Weight: 75kg
Age: 220


Father (Beluar) killed during the Demon wars, Mother (Teharissa) moved on.

Myrrh Ternath – Younger Sister (Unaware)
Chalsarda Ternath – Older Sister (Aware)

Religion: Fireworship of Ymirii due to Fire Nations liberation of his ancestral estates.

Grew up in around Highport and moved to Donton around 5 years ago.
An aspiring writer, came to Donton seeking to write the next great Argyilan novel, but has had little luck so far, though this may be due to his own self-criticism causing him to discard even decent attempts.

When not holed up in his apartment on the 11th spoke of the third circuit, Lorsen can be seen riding around the city in his carriage, often stopping to wander through parks, or to observe some detail of city life, seeking inspiration for “The novel that generations hence will be the foundation of classic literature.”
Other times, he can be seen at nearly any coffee house in the city, as he is a great lover of the drink, and makes a point try as many flavors as possible.

He is always open to party invitations, and frequently hosts them himself, common guests being other artist of Donton, and anyone who might have an interesting tale to share.

Lorsen is in a relationship with the half-elf Ivona Levi, though no official statement has been made, rumours say she spends more nights at Lorsens residence then her own.

He appears to hold a rather strong dislike for wild-elves, if conversation is brought around to them, he often lets slip derogatory comments on their heritage (filth), culture (non-existent), and character (lazy).

Lorsen Ternath

Judged Eldridge