Not those kind of briefs.

The operation started with attempting to locate the target, one Turkin Thines, someone who had been identified as being in the beggars guild, and owner of Thine's Fine Rugs. During investigation of the establishment, we found that he was not present, and that he owned a number of businesses all over the street. Judge Grim entered the establishment to put the fear of Strad into the employees, and attempt to flush Thines out. The rest of the team surrounded the building.
After some time, Judge Grim withdrew, and we waited to see what the reaction would be. 
This was the first mistake, for while working to draw Thines out, it also allowed him to prepare for the encounter, and move all his people into position.
We had the building surounded, with each door being watched, including the roof access. Judge Kane had an encounter with a mercenary on the roof, that I can find no fault with, more in depth questioning of the mercenary may have been useful, however the precedent that mercenaries and professional guards can be released if they surrender upon realizing who we are, is rather important going into the future. I believe the right call was made in releasing the mercenary.
Judge Grim had in the meantime staked out a coffee shop further down the street, and intercepted a carriage that had stopped at Thine's Fine Rugs. Interrogating the driver revealed that the carriage had dropped of Thines wife, and was enroute to pick up Thine himself.
The driver was allowed to continue on his way, and proceeded to deliver Thine to the establishment under cover. I believe that Judge Grim allowing this to occur was a mistake, made much worse by the our first mistake of giving Thine time and knowledge of out interest. Thine used the time to gather his best guards and mercenaries, and joined them within his warehouse, where he prepared to escape with his wife through the sewers. His businesses were all sold to his son just before our attack began. It would have been a much better plan to intercept Thine and his wagon before he could unite with his people.
Once Thine had been delivered to his establishment, which did NOT have a known connection to the warehouse, I abandoned my post watching the rear doors, and moved towards were I believed the arrest would take place. This was also a mistake, as at least one unknown entered the warehouse during this time.
It is still unknown how Thine and his wife got from the shop into the warehouse unobserved, however while Judge Grim delivered criminal charges via vocal projection from the front, Judges Nehro and Kane entered the warehouse through a secret entrance in the roof, revealed by the mercenary Kane had encountered. They overheard Thine preparing to descend into the sewers to escape, his wife having preceded him. Upon hearing this, I made my way to the nearest external sewer access, and entered it in order to cut off or pursue Thine should he manage to escape the warehouse.
I found myself heavily outnumbered, as Judge Nehro was held up by an elite assassin [See Appendix A: Known Lizardmen Assassins], and Judge Grim was ambushed outside the warehouse by food salesman. I cannot recall without reviewing Sentinels files what Judge Kane was doing at this time.
I spotted Thines entering the sewers just ahead of me, and gave chase, prioritizing keeping track of Thine over dealing with his guards who had also entered the sewers and attempted to delay me. Despite my attempts to instruct the team on where to block Thines off, none of them were followed up on until Thines himself exited the sewers, and used magic to seal up the exit he used. I rushed to the next available exit, and spotted Thines on the roof of a neighboring building. Having been spotted, he attempted to escape by leaping up onto a building across the street, however he misjudged his jump and fell into the alley instead, were I cornered him, and was shortly joined by Judge Kane.
Despite Thine being inflicted grievous wounds, he demonstrated an ability which allowed him to heal himself quite efficiently merely by inflicting wounds on others around him. As the battle progressed, he showed no problem with using both enemies and allies as targets for his strikes in order to heal himself. Review Sentinel file R613-CRUZ, this healing appears to be nearly equal to wounds inflicted.
After blows were exchanged by all parties, I was forced to perform a tactical retreat, as I had been heavily injured by Thine's attack, and his man who had been chasing me through the sewers had finally arrived and were preparing to assist their boss from a flanking position.
Shortly after my retreat, Judge Grim showed up, however Thines fled. Judge Kane pursued him, while I sought to cut Thine off down an alley he was expected to flee down. My ambush was unsuccessful, as Thine's returned to roof-hopping, with Judge Kane following by air. I returned to the location were Judge Grim was arresting Thine's man, and assisted Judge Nehro in retreating from the sewer were his battle with the Elite Assassin had taken him. The assassin retreated rather then fight all of us at once.
Judge Kane followed and attempted to cut off Thine in his escape into his warehouse, but was unfortunately unable to halt the target. A fireball shot bu Judge Kane killed most of Thine's man, and ignited the contents of the warehouse. Kane survived, and fled deeper. Myself and Judge Nehro entered the burning warehouse to attempt to locate Thine before he escaped. I made my way along the side door to the rear, and attempted to keep watch over both, while Judge Nehro made his way to the sewer entrance. We soon had to abandon the attempts, despite Nehro spotting the target on the roof, the fire threatened to bring down the whole building.
Upon exiting, we scuffled with the Elite Assassin who had made a reappearance, however he managed to escape despite our efforts, and Judge Kane's aerial check of the roof showed Thine had also escaped.
At this point we shifted into preventing the fire from spreading to other buildings in the district.

In summary, the operation was a bit of a shit show, with the main target escaping, and his holdings legally transferred to a new owner before formal intent of arrest was made. It was not however a complete failure, as the monetary value of the goods stored in the warehouse has been denied to the beggars guild, and the target has been chased underground and likely out of town, therefore severely damaging his immediate use to the organization.

I recommend that a followup be conducted in the form a search of all properties owned by the target before their sale, while the businesses cannot be confiscated, or it's new owner charged, anything illegal within them CAN be, and there may be clues as to other establishments or individuals to investigate. Furthermore, a refresher course on planning and teamwork may be called for.

The Grimm Manor
A Shadow Of Past Glory


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