Dumathaday, The 23rd of Fireseek, 385 ONT, (12 hours after the burning of Thines Fine Rugs), Undisclosed Location

Ange sat down in front the large scruffy Human. The surrounding was harsh and dank. Using sewers was a gamble in Don-Ton these days, but when privacy was required comfort often suffered,


“They sent four judges after Torkin? Are you sure?” the Human asked the dwarf. Ange scratched his beard and nodded


“yes, four of them. I barley escaped myself… but the Judge needed intel and seemed to be in a generous move, he gave me an out and I took it”


“You should have killed him, coward” the human growled but regretted it immediately as he heard the click of a retractable crossbow snap into form.


“I didn’t need to come here and tell you, that was out of respect… if respect is gone now…well…” Ange gestured with his crossbow.


“Ok, Ok…” the human said hand held aloft “It has been a hard night… an expensive night” Ange nodded to this and lowered his crossbow


“Fair” was all he said


“You said they took the boy and his nanny into custody?” the human asked, trying to regain his composure


“Aye… that’s what they said anyway… I didn’t tail them once they left the area… wasn’t going to press my luck any further… not for what I was being paid anyway”


“Hmmm…” the human said thoughtfully “and is there an amount that would convince you to press your luck?” Ange sat back for a long moment considering

“I am open to hearing you out” he said



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