Dumathaday, the 23rd of Fireseek, 10:25pm, Central Judges Headquarters, Don-Ton

                Master Judge Roberts sat as his desk going through the ever mounting pile of legal complaints from off circuit lawyers, lords and merchant guilds, his boys were certainly making a splash, he just hoped he could keep this crap at bay long enough to convince the ruling council that the judge program was worthwhile. He opened a new scroll from the law firms of Schmit and prepared to read about the latest assault on Don-Tonian rights when the blue crystal on his desk began to flash.

                “Go ahead…” he said and looked up as the ghostly image of their crystal network appeared

                “Sir, I am to inform you that Judges Cruz, Nehro, Kane and Grimm have uncovered evidence that they believe will shut down many of the Thines holdings, they also believe that they have discovered a tunnel that could put Don-Ton security overall at risk. They are requesting additional guard support at Pier 14 off the 6th spoke. They also request an audience with you as soon as they return.” The Master Judge scratched his chin and considered the request for a moment, he hated using the city guard, but the program had been designed that he had to trust his boys and their training.

                “Send a guard detachment to meet them, figure out their ETA and notify me when they are ten minutes out” the crystal throbbed blue once and went dark. He turned back to his scroll but did not get far, as he was interrupted by a knock at the door.

                “Judge Fargo… what can I do for you?” the Master Judge asked inviting the Judge to enter his office. The Master Judge took a hard look at Fargo, he did not look well, pale and a thin sheen of sweat on his brow… his armor was blood spattered. “Where is your helm Judge?” the Master Judge noted

                “I… I… Can’t… Say…” Fargo replied with an odd stutter, things were getting weird here. He stood up and leaned in to get a better look at the man

                “What’s happened? Report Jud…” The Master Judge never got further as Fargo ripped a long black bladed Dirk from his belt and slammed it up through his throat and into his brain… the Master Judge shuddered once and slumped back into his chair blood cascading from the wound. Fargo stared at the Master Judge for a long moment, before horror at what he had done crept into his features.



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