New Recruits

The living. So unreliable. Thought Thaddeus as he put the finishing touches on his report about the day’s events.

The large man placed his hands on the table, which creaked as he put his weight on it to assist him in standing. Thaddeus was still wearing the heavy black full plate combat armor that he wore to do his daily patrol. The stern man had been taught at a young age that the job wasn’t done until all the clean-up had been completed. It applied to books, ink and pens when he was younger, but Thaddeus saw no reason for it to end there.

The gargantuan man came to his full height, flexed his back and shoulders and adjusted his armor to sit more comfortably. It had been a long, hard day, but a good one.

Thaddeus picked up the parchment in front of him and began to review his work. Without realizing it, he began to pace back and forth in the small office. Thaddeus began the ritual of combing through to make sure that everything in the report was accurate, considered all aspects of the mission, and hide any inconvenient personal opinions. Objectivity was critical. Thaddeus knew that any report might go up the chain of command, and that there may not be an upper limit of who read it. The idea that Lord Strahd might read Thaddeus work excited him. Although he knew it was unlikely, he wrote as if writing to the High Lord himself.

In actuality, Thaddeus was fairly pleased with his team members. For a collection of highly aggressive, anti-social, misfits… they worked pretty well together. It would take a little time for them to find their niches. Thaddeus was no exemption to this. Each man had a strong set of skills, and each set were varied from the other. This boded well for the team, but focus would be needed.

It occurred the Thaddeus that his companions did not truly understand the depth and scope of their position. There had been much talk of the mission being a failure, as it did not apprehend the target. Thaddeus did not feel the same way. The target no longer had financial and legal control of his properties, his heir was in Judge custody, Thaddeus had secured enough evidence to freeze (if not confiscate) the holdings, and most importantly the team had sent a clear message. The Judges acted with power, purpose and authority, but were there to protect innocent civilians. The fire had been a stroke of luck. It demonstrated efficient containment of a dangerous situation. The populace would be thankful.

As Thaddeus completed his revisions, he made a decision. The living were unreliable. Crowd control and containment were going to be constant themes. People needed to be herded, situations needed to be restrained. Thaddeus knew how he wanted to handle this.

Thaddeus completed the submission of his report, asked Sentinel a few questions about licenses and legal subtleties, collected his belongings, and went home for the day. The next morning Thaddeus would be first in line at the local law office to process paperwork, then would find an overpriced tailor to make some very basic garments.



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